The water bowl alerts you when it is running low via a push notification on the app and by blinking magenta on the smart base.

  • Water bowl: you do not need to push a button to see it's status ever. If it is near empty it will blink magenta and send you a push notification. Feel free to fill it up regularly without resetting it. We gotcha covered. When you wash it, no problem, it will know it's not on the base- but it will blink magenta until it is filled up again. 
  • One suggestion:  to be most accurate is at the time you wash the bowl, you might consider retaring it. This will help make sure your scale is working optimally. You don't have to, just a suggestion. 
  • To Re-tare, place the empty bowl on the base, press and hold the button until it glows white and then blinks white twice. This signals it has been tared. You can also do it remotely from your phone.
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