PetSafe Smart Feeder is an automatic feeder and slow feeder that works very well with Obe ProBowl. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Set up your ProBowl
  2. Remove the stainless steel bowl provided with the petsafe feeder and 
  3. Place the Obe smart base in the pet safe smart feeder's bowl holder, like this. 

4) Then place Obe ProBowl's dishwasher safe bowl on top of the base. Both small and large bowls work with the feeder base.

5) Enter the feeding times and meal sizes based on your Obe ProBowl's personalized feeding recommendation into the PetSafe smart app. Then presto- you have the a feeder and a smart bowl that tracks your pets consumption real time and you know if they've eaten their food, how much they have eaten and you can feed them when you want even if you are away from home. Woot!

Need to find the PetSafe smart feeder? Go here :)

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